Telartis has over 25 years of experience in developing custom web applications for clients.
Examples include E-learning, Webshops, Invoicing, Intranets, CRM, Booking systems, Event management, Appointment scheduling and Contract management. We can integrate with various application programming interfaces (APIs) or make a Web service for your clients. All web applications are GDPR compliant.

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Platform Sport & Gezonde Leefstijl
Platform Sport & Gezonde Leefstijl

Ondersteunt mbo-scholen bij leefstijl gerelateerde vraagstukken voor studenten en medewerkers. In opdracht van de MBO Raad.

CMS, Search Engine, Faceted search

Dit is MBO
Dit is MBO

Studenten, docenten en medewerkers uit de mbo-sector maken duidelijk wat het mbo is en hoe belangrijk beroepsonderwijs en vakmanschap zijn voor onze samenleving. In opdracht van de MBO...

CMS, Search Engine, Voting, SVG Programming

Antidiscriminatie Game
Antidiscriminatie Game

Serious Game ontwikkeld voor de NBBU. Oefen omgaan met discriminerende verzoeken op de arbeidsmarkt.

E-learning, CMS

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Start creating your online learning platform in minutes with Xanti Learning, a custom Learning Content Management System (LCMS) that can be adapted to all your needs. Simple to use...

Xanti CMS

Advanced websites and platforms. One of our passions is creating a website in tune with your unique needs. With Xanti CMS we can help you build and manage your site with tools to...


Telartis specializes in optimising the custom integration between your systems and others. We can develop a RESTful server side Application Programming Interface (API) for you. Or...