Have an API made

We are developing an Application Programming Interface (API) to enable the exchange of information between different (software) systems. So we can develop an API for your website or app to make specific information or functionality available. Or give other systems the opportunity to add information. And that is useful, for example when carrying out transactions. But also to retrieve user data and use it in another system. Or location data. Or stock data. And so we can go on for a while ...

Using data in your website or app

A website or app almost always uses data. It is interesting to see whether an API offers a solution to make optimal use of that data. An API is a collection of provisions on the basis of which systems can communicate with each other. And with which we are able to transfer data from one place to another.

The investment in the development of an API often pays for itself quickly. And in some cases is simply necessary. That is why we like to dive into technology quickly at Telartis. Our developers and relevant software suppliers have early contact to anticipate any challenges. It is important to know quickly whether it is possible to obtain important data and, if necessary, exchange it with other systems. We are looking at whether an existing API can be used for this. Or, if this is not the case, we are able to develop the API for your organization ourselves.

Your customized API

An API can be developed completely flexibly. Together we look at what exactly your organization wants to make available for which systems. Or which data should be downloaded into your website or app. Of course we are also happy to help you implement existing APIs in your website or app. At Telartis we have plenty of experience with the various API systems and protocols such as SOAP, REST, XML and JSON. We always determine together what the best solution is to improve your website or app.