AWStats Totals Changelog


1.18 added filter to ignore config files (Thomas Luder)

Sun Aug 8th 2010

1.17 fixed small problem with open_basedir (Fred Peeterman)

Wed Mar 25th 2009

1.16 fixed month parameter 'all' to show stats in awstats

Fri Sep 12th 2008

1.15 added security checks for input parameters (Elliot Kendall) Important!

Wed Jul 23rd 2008
All versions prior to 1.15 are vulnerable to command execution and cross site scripting attacks. A remote attacker could exploit these vulnerabilities to run arbitrary commands on...

1.14 fixed errors when some dirs or files were not found (Reported by Sam Evans)

Tue Jul 22nd 2008

1.13 fixed trailing slashes problem with directories

Sat Jul 1st 2006

1.12 recursive reading of awstats data directory

Sat Jun 3rd 2006

1.11 fixed notice errors when no data file present (Marco Gruber)

Sun May 28th 2006

1.10 added browser language detection (based on work by Andreas Diem)

Sun Jan 1st 2006

1.9 define all variables (Michael Dorn)

Tue Mar 1st 2005

1.8 added not viewed traffic, changed layout, improved reading of AWStats database

Tue Feb 1st 2005

1.7 changed number and byte format

Sat Jan 1st 2005

1.6 fixed incorrect unique visitors in year view (ConteZero)

Mon Nov 1st 2004

1.5 error_reporting setting can be E_ALL

Fri Oct 1st 2004

1.4 use english messages when no language files found

Wed Sep 1st 2004

1.3 display yearly totals and last entry (Marco Gruber)

Sun Aug 1st 2004

1.2 register_globals setting can be off

Thu Jul 1st 2004

1.1 use awstats language files to set your language

Tue Jun 1st 2004

1.0 initial version

Thu May 13th 2004