AWStats Totals Changelog


1.18 added filter to ignore config files (Thomas Luder)
Sunday August 8th 2010

1.17 fixed small problem with open_basedir (Fred Peeterman)
Wednesday March 25th 2009

1.16 fixed month parameter 'all' to show stats in awstats
Friday September 12th 2008

1.15 added security checks for input parameters (Elliot Kendall) Important!
Wednesday July 23rd 2008
All versions prior to 1.15 are vulnerable to command execution and cross site scripting attacks. A remote attacker could exploit these vulnerabilities to run arbitrary commands on the system with the permissions of the web server. Please upgrade to version 1.15 or higher.

1.14 fixed errors when some dirs or files were not found (Reported by Sam Evans)
Tuesday July 22nd 2008